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Estate Planning: How to Create a Clear Path

Estate Planning: How to Create a Clear Path

The future is uncertain. That is a given. However, with careful planning, we can often improve our future as it relates to health, finances, and general wellbeing.

  • Retirement Budget
    Creating a financial plan is critical for your golden years. Making a realistic budget that accounts for inflation, change in income potential, and unexpected health costs can help reduce future financial challenges. Make a financial inventory that accounts for all income sources, all expenses (and potential future expenses) as well as assets and liabilities. Once you have all of this information on paper or a spreadsheet, consider how you can make lifestyle or financial adjustments now to allow for more financial comfort and freedom in later years.
  • Long-Term Care
    Ensuring high-quality senior care after retirement is often overlooked when we are young and healthy. Making it a priority to plan for long-term health care can be one of the best moves for you and your family. You may benefit from or require in-home health care, skilled nursing, or other care. This care is expensive and can quickly deplete retirement savings. Factoring in long-term care costs might seem unnecessary now, but can reduce financial stress later. Many people consider long term care insurance which helps pay for care costs that are not covered by health insurance. Do some research now to see how you can best budget and plan for care later in life.
  • Legal Procedures
    Having your wishes made known is important. Getting legal assistance from a professional estate planner allows you to clearly document your decisions while you are healthy and able. It may seem overwhelming to think of life insurance, wills, revocable trusts, healthcare proxies, and power of attorney. But, taking the time to think of what you want to happen with your health and finances in the future and making your decisions known with a clear estate plan, is beneficial for you and your loved ones.

If you’d like to learn more about in-home health care and skilled nursing care, give us a call. We, at ClearPath, are committed to creating a better future for seniors in Akron, Ohio and surrounding areas.

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