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Caring with a smile

It’s not what we do as a home care agency, but how we do it. All of our home health caregiving services are delivered with a smile. And we all know that a smile can be go a long way.

Skilled services at home

At ClearPath, we have the ability to provide skilled nursing and therapy services on an intermittent basis in the comfort of your own home.

The best in home care

Whether you just need someone to take you for a walk or a to provide attentive complex caring – we, as a home care agency, can provide you a caregiver that is qualified to meet your needs.

Dedicated to providing the best in-home health care.

What is Companionship and Homemaking?

Companionship and Homemaking: includes general check-in visits, light meal prep, light cleaning, laundry, and errand services. While Certified Home Health Aides cannot transport clients, they may accompany them to doctor’s appointments or trips to places such as the grocery store. Companionship and homemaking services are typically offered and covered in conjunction with personal care.

What is skilled nursing?

Skilled Nursing: includes comprehensive assessments, cardio-pulmonary management, disease education/management, elimination management, wound care, IV maintenance, and medication instruction/administration. Skilled nursing is typically performed by a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse, and all procedures and the frequency of the visits are determined by the client’s primary care physician.

What is personal care?

Personal Care: includes elimination/incontinent care and personal care such as bathing/dressing and hair/nail/skin/oral care. Personal care is administered by Certified Home Health Aides, with a plan of care established first through discussion with the client/caregiver and a Registered Nurse. Some health insurance providers, such as state Medicaid, require a physician’s order for personal care.

What’s included in therapy?

Therapy: includes home-based therapy that allows clients to develop independence with daily activities in a convenient and comfortable setting where families can also be closely involved in the rehabilitation process.

Physical therapy helps individuals maintain or gain range of motion/mobility.

Occupational therapy helps individuals regain day to day skills such as dressing and feeding.

Speech and language therapy helps individuals improve memory, breathing, speaking, or swallowing function. Speech therapy focuses on the ability to understand words and the ability to use words to express one’s self.

Questions or concerns?

We are always available to support you and your family’s needs, and we love to hear from our community. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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