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Making a Better, Safer Home for Seniors


Everyone deserves a place they can call home– a place where they feel safe, comfortable, and happy. As a trusted provider of home health care services in Akron, Ohio, we strive to secure a conducive home for your loved ones to spend their golden years with bliss. To do this, a little bit of cleaning and, at some point, home adaptations or modifications may be needed.

In doing so, it’s salient to take into account the adaptability and accessibility of the home for every member of the household. Some of the common home modifications in providing senior care include:

  • Installing grab bars, elevated toilet seats, furniture raisers, fire and smoke alarms, and other emergency alert and monitoring systems to increase home safety
  • Expanding entryways, especially when you have a crowded place. If you have wheelchair users in need of skilled nursing in Ohio, installing a ramp would be handy
  • Reinstalling light fixtures and switches, especially in hallways and stairways while eliminating glare
  • Using anti-slip flooring throughout the home and getting rid of throw rugs and other trip hazards
  • Replacing tattered furniture and rearranging the layout of high-traffic areas

Rearranging and remodeling a home is a big step for every homeowner, but it is for the better. Before taking this big step, we start by evaluating the security and comfort level of your loved ones’ homes and developing an improvement plan when necessary because ClearPath wants the best for your loved ones as much as you do. Meet with our team to get started.

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