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Nutrients That Seniors Need


A lot of changes happen to our bodies as we age. Aside from the evident decline in strength, balance, and flexibility; seniors’ bodies tend to become less efficient in absorbing essential nutrients. That’s why specific, nutrient-dense diets help ensure that aging adults are properly nourished.

Some of the essential nutrients that seniors need are:

  • Calcium and Vitamin D
    Bone health declines with advancing age. To help slow this decline, seniors must have plenty of calcium-rich foods and beverages in their diet. Low-fat milk is a good source of calcium. Vitamin D can be sourced from fatty fish. Seniors can also opt to take supplements with proper guidance from their doctors.
  • Potassium
    Potassium, when taken in adequate amounts, may help in lowering the risk for hypertension. Beans, vegetables, and fruits are good sources of this essential mineral.
  • Dietary Fiber
    Whole grains and cereals are good sources of dietary fiber. Fiber has a lot of health benefits, which include lowering the risk for heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

One way to do develop a nutrient-rich diet is to plan meals that incorporate these nutrients and prepare snacks and meals ahead of time. Shopping for the right foods and preparing meals helps us to avoid grabbing whatever is convenient in the moment. When we plan and prep ahead of time, we have easy access to healthier choices. Enlisting help of a home health provider can provide a world of difference. 

At ClearPath Home Health, we offer meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal prepping. This relieves you (or your aging loves one) so that meals are more enjoyable and healthful. Additionally, many of our caregivers are specially trained in Senior Care, and are familiar with the habits, abilities, and preferences of elderly individuals.

We offer Private Duty services, home health care, and skilled nursing in Akron, Ohio and surrounding communities. Call us to learn more about our tailored home care services and how we can help you.

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