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Preventing Falls in the Home: What You Can Do


Many seniors experience accidents in their own home, falls being the most common. Even a small slip in the bathroom can lead to an ER visit. Fall prevention is key as we get older and our loved ones are at greater risk for falls.

As a trusted home health care provider, ClearPath has helped patients recover from falls and implement fall prevention strategies in the home. The following are some of our suggestions:

  • Get regular exercise
    Exercising and being physically active can help seniors keep their bones, muscles, and joints strong. This also helps in keeping tendons and ligaments flexible, reducing arthritis pain, and helping slow down bone loss.
  • Meet with an ENT
    Senior Care patients typically struggle with sight and balance problems. If your loved one has an unsteady gait or frequently has home accidents, a visit to an ENT may be due.
  • Consider medication side-effects
    Your loved one may experience side-effects of medication including dizziness, slower reactions, reduced coordination or alertness. If you are unsure if your loved one is experiencing side-effects from medication, a skilled nurse from our team can help. If medication side-effects are a legitimate fall risk, don’t panic. You and your loved one’s healthcare team should regularly re-evaluate the need and dosage of each medication.
  • Make home modifications
    Adding ramps, non-slip flooring, and hard bars will do wonders in keeping your senior safe from slips and falls. Improve lighting with brighter bulbs and stable lamps so everything is visible. Minimize floor clutter and ensure wire cords and scatter rugs are out of the way of your loved one’s walking paths.
  • Invest in assistive devices
    If your senior needs a bit more help with mobility, perhaps a few assistive devices like a cane, walker, or reaching tool can help make moving around easier for your loved one.

If you’re interested in medication management, companion care, or skilled nursing care, consider ClearPath; a preferred provider of Home Health Care Services in Akron, Ohio and surrounding areas. Call 877-892-1568 to learn more.

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