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Warning Signs of Vision Problems in the Elderly

Warning Signs of Vision Problems in the Elderly

According to www.healthinaging.org, vision impairment and blindness affect one in 11 Americans age 65 and older. Because our population is aging, the number of older adults with vision problems is predicted to rise. With this, seniors are always prone to dangers even when they are at home. Accomplishing their daily living activities may also be challenging for them. That is why, as their family members, we ought to help them in every way, and availing Home Health Care Services in Akron, Ohio will be one of the best things that you can do for them.

Aging is one of the causes of why adults experience vision loss. But it can also be prevented by early detection and regular eye checkups. For us to be more knowledgeable about the common vision problems among the elderly, here are some of its warning signs that we need to be aware of:

  • Sudden eye pain, redness, and nausea
  • Sudden single eye vision blur and double vision
  • Spots and floaters in the field of vision
  • Surface pain, tearing, or irritation
  • Dark curtain sensation across the visual field

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