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Ways to Make Seniors Motivated to Exercise


Seniors can keep their independence and reap several health advantages from physical activity. As a top provider of skilled nursing in Ohio, we try to prioritize exercising for our seniors. Remember that one of the most crucial things you can do daily to maintain and enhance health is to stay active. Regular exercise can help seniors live longer and more independently by lowering their chance of developing chronic diseases, managing their illnesses, improving their physical and mental health, and preventing injuries like falls.

Many individuals find the idea of beginning an exercise regimen quite stressful, especially older persons in senior care with little experience with proper exercise regimens. It is best for this group to start with relatively modest exercise and concentrate on finishing it consistently before progressing to more strenuous activities. To motivate seniors to keep exercising, follow these tips:

  • Do exercises at a slow pace
  • Provide them with water and hydrating beverages
  • Get proper equipment and gear
  • Offer words of encouragement
  • Make sure they get enough sleep

ClearPath is a premier provider of home health care services in Akron, Ohio. Each person and family we assist may rely on us to uphold their rights. We owe it to you and to ourselves to treat each of our clients with the same consideration, encouragement, and support that we would want and believe you deserve.

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